Can Advocare be used during pregnancy or nursing?

I have heard this questions many of times as I am surrounded by mothers and moms-to-be. Although some of the products are not, some are! Some may even be benefitial to your baby. Check out Pregnancy & Nursing with Advocare for a sample list. Gotta love helping other moms feel, good and stay healthy!

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  1. Kristen Campbell says:

    Hi, I was wondering what was on the list of safe Advocare products that can be taken while pregnant. I’ve been wanting to try this, but I may possibly be pregnant, so I don’t want to invest in it, and not be able to use it safely. Thank you!

    • evajones85 says:

      Thats great! You should take Coreplex with Iron and Omega plex. Coreplex has folic acid which is essential for baby, and Omega Plex has DHA which is also essential for a growing baby. (As well as the mama) The meal replacement shakes are a great source of protein:carb for balance. Spark energy has the amount of caffeine of a cup of coffee, which is acceptable during pregnancy as long as you do not overdue it. Do you have an advisor already? I’m sure they would be helpful, if not I can help you! Also if you do not want to invest to get the 40% discount, you can just become a distributor for $79 which will get you that 20% discount immediately, and adjust as you see fit.

  2. Katie Mcguirk says:

    I’m 6 months pregnant and I was wondering what products would be benificial during pregnancy. I’m planning on trying to be healthy after my pregnancy and trying advocares clense and 24 month challenge. I’m wondering if I should wait to start it after my pregnancy for the best results afterwards

    • evajones85 says:

      Congratulations! I have been on that rodeo twice. AdvoCare has some amazing products to take while you are pregnant. The Coreplex with Iron, as well as the omega plex are both extremely beneficial during pregnancy! The Omega Plex was even featured by Dr. Oz, because he loves fish oils so much. Also meal replacement shakes have a great balance of carbs:proteins, so you could certainly add that as a breakfast or a mid-morning snack considering you don’t really want to be cutting back while growing a sweet little baby. As for after the baby,The 24 day challenge is a great tool to help shred that baby weight quickly, but if you are nursing you should not do the cleanse until you have finished that. Another favorite product is catalyst! Check them out, and there are print outs if you would like to take the information to your doctor for an extra piece of mind! Do you have an Advisor your speaking with? I’m sure they could help you out, and if not I have no problem helping you on this journey!

    • evajones85 says:

      Spark is also acceptable as long as you do not use too much, one spark = same amount of caffeine as coffee.

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